"When painting, music and landscape merge" : "Intermédialités Sensibles",  Université de Bourgogne, April 5, 2025, Maison des Sciences de l'Homme in Dijon/Webinar. (Registration)


"Painting Music", Hasdrubal Foundation, with the CSO orchestra

"Painting music is to reveal the invisible", TEDx Estaca "The Voice/Way of the Unknown". TED Talk video and Text

 "Landscapes and the color of sounds", Orangerie, Conflans-Ste-Honorine


"The musical aesthetic of the water",  12th International IAWIS/AIERTI 
Water and Sea in Word and Image
University of Luxembourg

« The sound of Colors »,  Association des Amis de l'Art Contemporain du Musée de Vannes 

"#sketchyourwindow, The window and the sketch during pandemic lifetime »,  Ed. French Society of Psychopathology of expression and art therapy (SFPE-AT



"Create and exhibit during lockdown, from #sketchyourwindow to the museum exhibition", TRANS-DIGITAL : Transitions and transformations of arts and culture in the age of a pandemic (2020-2021), Université de Chicago, Paris, IESA


Conférence «Synesthesia or the color of sounds, Popular University, Poissy 


«Synesthesia» & Workshop «Painting music ?», International Lycée, St-Germain-en-Laye


«Claude Monet 's Water Lilies colored scores and music's forms aesthetic", Intl. Symposium, Lorraine University, Metz, Marc-Matthieu Munch (dir.)

"The colored musical score of Maurice Ravel La Valse", Paris - Mairie - 17th arr.


"A synesthetic approach to landscape" - Study Day "Around David Hockney", University of Valenciennes


"La Valse by Maurice Ravel, as synaesthetic experience" 
Synaesthesia, International Symposium,  University of Bourgogne


 "From his music to my painting, presentation of  "Landscape of Verdun, contemporary vision on a Lucien Durosoir's music",  Lucien Durosoir symposium, Palazzetto Bru-Zane, Venise. Ed Symétrie

See Music 

& Play with colors

"Think also of the musical role color will henceforth play in modern painting. Color, which is vibration just as music is, is able to attain what is most universal yet at the same time most elusive in nature: its inner force." Letter from Paul Gauguin to Mr. A.Fontainas

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