An AI engineer by training, Gabrielle Thierry, after 12 years of consulting in modelling of knowledge, dedicates herself to painting. She has been painting for twenty years with oil on linen canvas.

Over the years, she has become a landscape painter in her studio near Paris. But in a special way as she tries to understand why she perceives music and how she can visually transcribe it on the canvas.  She then realized that colors are linked to sounds, harmonies and rhythms. Today, she considers herself a musicalist and a colorist.



Orgues Nouvelles, special issue on Painting and Music, a beautiful magazine with CD and score booklets. You will find 16 pages pointing out the important links which join the music to the painting across times and arts. 
"It is not without emotion that I meet again my fellow travelers Klee, Kandinsky, Kupka (my 3K !) Bach, Schubert, Liszt, Ravel, but also Messiaen, Monet and many others." 

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