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"One day, we'll come to perform symphonies at the same time as we represent beautiful paintings, to increase the impression." -  Eugène Delacroix, 1856

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Hearing, taste, touch... You've probably mastered it. After all, our five senses are our daily life, the basis of our interactions with the world. Nothing could be more familiar to us. But what would happen if we suddenly started to see... music? Gabrielle Thierry has appeared, and like the fairy tale, she takes you on a journey beyond the boundaries you thought were the best defined by your perception! Engineer IA of formation, Gabrielle Thierry dedicates herself today to the painting.
If she likes to paint landscapes, she seeks above all, and in a very particular way to make visible the music. She sees the sounds, the harmonies, the rhythms as colors. 
She considers herself a musicalist and a colorist.

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Events : Publications, Conferences, Workshops & Projects

Publications & Articles


- "Conversation with ChatGPT : Music-Painting-Landscape", Gabrielle Thierry , e-book on Kindle & Amazon. Description and access

- "Ophelia - L’esthétique musicale de l'eau", Université du Luxembourg, "Breaking, the Waves: Water (Issues) in Contemporary Verbal and Visual Arts", Melusina Press

- "Landscapes & the color of sounds",, Interview for the exposition at the Orangerie, Conflans-Ste-H, Marsh 25 - Avril 11 , VAC  (PDF in French), 

- "L'Atelier de Gabrielle Thierry" by M.-M. Münch, Lorraine Univ., France. About  "Landscape of Conflans" and "The female conductor". Revue Internationale d'Art et d'Artologie n°6 


"The color of sounds" Conferences

since 2009

Synesthesia and the Color of Sounds or how Music can be retranscribed in Painting
Would Music be at the origin of abstraction in painting? An history of the interaction of the arts  presents 100 years of links between music and painting. 

And you, are you a synesthete? A rare appointment to make your own experience. These conferences can be followed by workshops to experiment the colored music.


May 2023 : "Escale Tunisienne", Concert & Conference with the Carthage Symphony Orchestra , Tunisia 


Workshop during the Water Lilies exhibition in U.S.

Synesthesia and Landscape Workshops

These workshops propose to work on the relationship between music and painting. Emphasis is placed on the colorful perceptions of one's music.  A concrete realization on the representation of the music, offers to each one the possibility of creating a work of art according to its own perceptions:  cover, poster, scenography.

Gabrielle Thierry also proposes workshops on the landscape, its rhythms and its music.All workshops are for youths and adults.

Do not hesitate to Contact for more informations on conferences and workshops.


Since Nov. 2023 :  " Color & Synesthesia" , Art education prof. for College de Paris International - Bachelor BA Fashion & Design 

January 2023 : "Landscape & charcoal" for school, organized by the Museum of Conflans.

The Water Lilies' Series

Gabrielle Thierry's series "The Musicality of Water Lilies" was inspired by her rediscovery of the Water Lilies landscapes of Claude Monet in 2010. She is the only artist to have spent 300 hours in total immersion in the oval rooms of the Musée de l'Orangerie to understand their evocation. During 18 months, and 100 sessions of work, she translated eight of Monet's landscapes into colored musical scores. Thierry's work concentrates on visual representations of music and strives to show interactions between color, form, notes and musical compositions. The first exhibition of her series has been held in at the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Art Gallery.

To Read on The Telegram, Boston

To read a short presentation 


During COVID-19 lock-down, in 2020, Gabrielle launched #dessinetafenetre #sketchyourwindow, an initiative on social media inviting people to paint views from their window. Hundreds of drawings have been collected from 24 countries. The Musée des Beaux-Art, La Cohue de Vannes, in France, organized the exhibition. The project has been selected by Discovery Education in the UK.

Watch the successful videos by ITV, Discovery Education or on TV5 Monde  (Culture Prime)


Since 2004

Gabrielle Thierry is also an internationally recognized expert on the French Painter Renefer (1892-1957) and author of his "catalogue raisonné" 
Based on the drawings of Renefer during the Great War in Europe (1914-1918), she is cofounder of The national contest, named "Little artists of Memory" is open to school's classes of children aged 10. She also contributed to create the memory project "Renefer/Butler : two artists in the Great War" in Chicago. A Renefer exhibit was also held in the National WW1 Museum of Kansas City in 2014-15.

She is the author of his first biography, published in 2020, by the Musée de la Batellerie, catalog of the "Renefer, Peintre de la Seine" successful exhibition.

AI & Authentication 

Painting Authentication Expert System & Modeling Stylistic Expertise

Extracts from this study, this report is subject to copyright protection, please take note. To access the full publication, please contact the author Gabrielle Thierry.

In the process of authenticating a painting, there are two modes of expertise:

- The first takes into account all the knowledge the expert has of the artist and his painting. Friendländer's "ideal painting" is, in fact, constructed from a set of distinctive features of the artist's work. 
- The second is a comparative approach to all or part of the painting. The search for clues and works of comparison must be even more relevant. For this, access to knowledge and information on works that have already been authenticated and analyzed is essential (Morelli).

In order to respond to these two complementary methods in the expert's work, new technologies, and more specifically cognitive sciences and Artificial Intelligence applications, can help develop appropriate tools to aid attribution.

A study was written by Gabrielle Thierry, then at Christie's Education, in 2003, with the invaluable collaboration of Michel and Guy-Patrice Dauberville from the Galerie Bernheim-Jeune, François Duret-Robert, journalist and collector (Connaissance des Arts - Le Monde), Yann Le Pichon,  Le Douanier Rousseau expert, as well as the Institut Wildenstein, the Musée d'Orsay, Christie's, and many others.

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