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De l'idée-croquis à la toile, une évocation sensible du paysage. Article (PDF in french) on the realization of the "Landscapes of Conflans" series published in "Le Petit Journal des Expositions", Ed. Musée de la Batellerie.

"Painting Music" Interview in Orgues Nouvelles, special issue on Painting and Music


«Music ! From figuration to Abstraction», catalog edited in French by the gallery Roanne de Saint Lauren, Parist. Richly illustrated, it traces Gabrielle artworks and achievements since her discovery of the colors of music - 50 illustrations, 25 of which are full-page (and fold-out) 

"#sketchyourwindow, The window and the sketch during pandemic lifetime »,  Ed. French Society of Psychopathology of expression and art therapy (SFPE-AT



«#dessinetafenetre », Exhibition Catalog, Ed. Musée des beaux-arts La Cohue, Vannes (Extract)


"Vol d'Oiseau", experiment and dialogue with Marc-Mathieu Munch», Revue Internationale d'Art et d’Artologie(PDF in French).

 "The Water Lilies, an inexhaustible source of inspiration. The Centennial of Claude Monet’s Gift To France", Revue Internationale d'Art et d’Artologie (PDF in French).


"Painting Music, the landscape's musicality", 1st catalog presenting the 2006-2016 artworks & writes.


"Claude Monet 's Water Lilies colored scores and music's forms aesthetic", Intl. Symposium, Lorraine University, Metz, Marc-Matthieu Munch (dir.), Ed. Honoré Champion 
( PDF in french) 

"La Valse by Maurice Ravel, as synaesthetic experience" 
Published in the bilingual journal of "Interfaces" nº36, special issue on Synaesthesia 
College of the Holy Cross (Worcester,US), University of Bourgogne (PDF in English)


"Painting and Music, About the representation of Nunc Dimittis, composed by Eric Lebrun "
Published in the French journal of "L'Orgue" nº302/-_-/res/936ce7c7-0a43-42e0-9ed0-7cb8bfff3696/binary/files/936ce7c7-0a43-42e0-9ed0-7cb8bfff3696/8a386f0a-4069-4e41-a785-770ca09f1488


"Landscape's Musical Quality in painting : The Park, on the A.Bruckner'string quatuor
Coll. Observatoire Musical Français (OMF, Paris Sorbonne, « Musique et arts plastiques » N°7. Article (in french)


 "From his music to my painting, presentation of  Landscape of Verdun, contemporary vision on a Lucien Durosoir's music",  Lucien Durosoir symposium, Palazzetto Bru-Zane, Venise. Ed Symétrie


"For a representation of the music in its own space, about the Painting on the J.-S. Bach's Fantasia in G major BWV 572", 
Michèle Barbe (dir.), Musique et arts plastiques : Interactions, Ed. Université Paris- Sorbonne.




Musée de l'Orangerie, Paris 

An  immersive experience for creation

"My musical composition can take place ont the Water Lilies structures: I locate the musical notes according to the dynamics created by the water and the angles of reflection.The waves on the water correspond to the acoustic waves, the distribution of the sound extending on the surface of the painting. My paintings are then compared to colored scores" G



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